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Hettich Hettcube
Hettich Hettcube Incubator

The new HettCube range of incubators brings cost savings and benefits the environment: HettCube incubators provide optimum conditions for the growth of cultures with an exceptionally low power consumption.

HettCube incubators have low noise levels, helping to create a pleasant working environment.

HettCube incubators not only meet the demanding requirements of our customers, they also benefit the environment. HettCube incubators are eco-friendly, user-friendly and of the highest quality.

The HettCube 200 and the HettCube 200 R, with cooling capability, both have a capacity of 150 litres. The HettCube 400 and the HettCube 400 R have a capacity of 310 litres. The HettCube 600 and HettCube 600 R have a capacity of 520 litres.

Further details can be gathered from the brochure converted into a pdf file for downloading.

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