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Hettich Heamtocrit 210
Hettich Haematocrit 200

The HAEMATOKRIT 200 is a compact and efficient centrifuge for the determination of the percentage by volume of erythrocytes in blood.

It is furthermore used to derive plasma for the photometric determination of the bilirubin content of the blood of neonates.

This high-performance centrifuge separates samples in just minutes. With its maximum centrifugal force of 16,060 x g it takes less than 7 minutes for the red blood cells to attain their maximum packing density and yield cell-free plasma for further analysis.

Up to 24 capillary tubes can be centrifuged in one run. Each capillary tube has its own chamber thanks to the segmented rotor. The advantage of this is that if one of them breaks then no others will break in a chain reaction. The glass splinters and blood from the broken capillary tube are captured in a cushion on the outer edge of the segment. This also serves as a support for the capillary tubes, is easy to clean and can be replaced.

The haematocrit values can be read off after sedimentation is complete using the rotor lid which also serves for evaluation. The capillary tubes do not have to be removed for this purpose. This saves time and offers additional safety

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